About Us

At EcoSmart Designs, an obligation to a sustainable environmental footprint during the jewelry casting process has been one of our top priorities for nearly 50 years. The only priority higher is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

In an on-going effort to accomplish both of these important principles, EcoSmart Designs’ 100% American-made, souvenir metal jewelry casting process remains waste-free, beginning to end. From our handcrafted, recycled SafePewterTM metal jewelry, to the accompanying informative story cards printed on recycled paper; EcoSmart’s commitment to sustainability encompasses all that we do.

At EcoSmart Designs, the only thing more important than sustainability, is exceptional customer service. EcoSmart is dedicated to providing our customers with a wide variety of beautiful jewelry designs, fair pricing, and - of course - outstanding service. EcoSmart Designs also provides custom jewelry design consultations by request, and completely in-house. There is no design we cannot cast right here at our headquarters just outside of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Additionally, EcoSmart Designs provides multiple open product lines that continue to roll out 100’s of new designs each month!

Our staff is proud to work with ecologically sustainable manufacturing methods, keeping our commitment as an example of conservation for our staff, customers, and local community. EcoSmart Designs’ manufacturing process nearly eliminates the release of greenhouse gas emissions. Using recycled water and metal during the casting process protects our community’s water quality and environment at large. To this end, EcoSmart Designs, our customers, and our community can all work together for a better world for generations to come.

EcoSmart Designs, Inc.
Broomfield Technology Center
2400 Industrial Lane, Suite 1400
Broomfield, Colorado 80020
Tel. 888 884-7090